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Our global Series

The Imagined Landscapes Pop-ups

Join us on a global journey of discovery as we showcase our trench, coat and jacket silhouettes in a series of inspirational pop-ups that blur the line between nature and technology.

The Imagined Landscapes Pop-ups
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chevron-downThe Imagined Landscapes Pop-ups
The Imagined Landscapes Pop-ups


Hong Kong

Ocean Centre

Immerse yourself in a dreamlike topographical structure and discover the latest iterations of our trench coat and more. Open 1 – 27 December.

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The Global Journey

Immersive Pop-ups

Tokyo, Japan – Roppongi Hills

Tokyo, Japan – Roppongi Hills

Open from 3 – 16 November.
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Hong Kong – Harbour City
London, UK – Selfridges
Troy, USA – Somerset Collection

A Deeper Experience

Explore the world of Burberry trenches, coats and jackets and experience spaces inspired by our new film at Jeju Island in Korea and Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China.

Plaza 66, Shanghai, China
Burberry Stories
The Freedom of Our Imagination
Style and Community

Style and Community

Find style inspiration for your Burberry outerwear from our growing community.